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Walk for Water

Water Now, Water Tomorrow, Safe Water For All

Water is vital for life on earth, yet millions still do not have access to clean water. “Water is life” and we are determined to improve lives by increasing awareness, minimizing wastage, promoting rainwater harvesting and the purification of recycled and contaminated water. Water is our religion and we intend to realize our dream to place India at the center of a global “Blue Revolution.”

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Why Walk For Water

By 2025, India is on the brink of becoming a water-stressed nation, underscoring the urgent necessity for implementing comprehensive and integrated water supply schemes. The availability of clean water is crucial for building a robust, healthy society and a productive workforce. Ensuring access to clean water not only significantly diminishes the prevalence of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery but also lightens the load of fetching water.

This change particularly benefits women and children, freeing them to invest more time in domestic tasks and educational endeavors, respectively. Proactively addressing water scarcity and enhancing clean water accessibility are pivotal for advancing public health, empowering communities, and driving socio-economic progress across the nation.

Health Benefits of Walking

Life flows through Water.

  • Globally, an estimated 8 billion people are drinking contaminated water. The per capita availability of water in India as per the 2011 census was 1,545 cubic metres.
  • Lack of access. 50% of the people in India do not have access to clean and safe drinking water at affordable cost.
  • Failure of existing projects to due lack of community involvement. 50% of projects and efforts to make water accessible fail due to lack of community involvement.
  • Loss of valuable man hours. Women and children spend 175 million work hours collecting water.
  • Major cause of health problems. 80% of the disease cause due to drinking unsafe water.
  • Cause majority of deaths. Today in India, 580 people die due to water borne diseases every day.
  • Impacting living standards. Sickness or care for a sick family member impacts the meager income of rural household.
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What We Do!

  • Engage: Empowering the youth, ‘Walk For Water’ envisions them as ambassadors for water responsibility, fostering awareness from schools to towns.
  • Awareness: Conducting 500+ seminars at schools, colleges, and institutions, featuring experts, we aim to instil water sensitivity towards current water challenges.
  • Audit: Offering free water audits at villages, coinciding with seminars, we target 10000 audits by 2024. Results will be shared online, and expert counsel will be provided.
  • Awards: Recognizing efforts, awards at village, district, state, and national levels will encourage responsible water usage, sustainability, and innovations.
  • March for Water: Commemorating World Water Day on March 22, Walk For Water plans 1000 walks across all districts, unifying voices for safe water - a pledge for a water-resilient future!
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Water Pledge!

"I take an oath to conserve water and to use water wisely. I pledge to consume water judiciously and not waste even a drop of water. I’ll treat water as the most precious treasure that I possess and consume it accordingly. I pledge to motivate my family, friends and neighbours to use water wisely and not waste it. It is our planet and only we can save it!"