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Help us plant trees as a volunteer

As members of society, it is imperative for every individual to be cognizant of their responsibility to give back. Each person possesses the power to effect change when directed towards a noble cause. Igniting Minds empowers individuals to channel their potential towards tree donation and planting initiatives. Anyone who aspires to make a difference can join us. You can either donate a tree or contribute your efforts by volunteering with us.

Since our inception, tens of thousands of volunteers have joined our mission and have significantly contributed to afforestation efforts. Our volunteers share a common aspiration to make the Earth a greener place. Those who have volunteered with us have collectively planted thousands of trees. However, we are committed to expanding our impact further. With the unwavering support of individuals across the nation, we are continually growing and scaling up our activities.

It is our endeavor to plant 1 billion trees across the country. Together, let us work towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join Igniting Minds today and be a part of the movement to create positive environmental change.

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Explore Volunteering Opportunities
Getting involved can be as personal as becoming part of our mission to nurture a greener planet. Many volunteers passionately participate in activities focused on planting and caring for trees to personally contribute to our cause
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Ready to join us? Simply sign up on our website or give us a call using the number provided. Our dedicated team will furnish you with all the necessary details, address any queries you may have, and assist you through the next steps.
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Every week, our dedicated volunteers gather with a singular mission: to plant and care for trees. Currently, we're running active projects across India. Join us at our next gathering and become part of our green initiative!

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Shortly after the end of the last great ice age – 10,000 years ago – 57% of the world's habitable land was covered by forest. In the millennia since then, a growing demand for agricultural land means we've lost one-third of global forests – an area twice the size of the United States. Half of this loss occurred in the last century alone. But it's possible to end our long history of deforestation: increased crop yields, improved livestock productivity, and technological innovations that allow us to shift away from land-intensive food products give us the opportunity to bring deforestation to an end and restore some of the forests we have lost. You can make a difference by volunteering with us in tree planting and maintenance activities across India, contributing your time and efforts to preserve our planet's green heritage.

Ready to Make a Difference? Here's How
Volunteer with us
Feel free to join our tree planting efforts in person! Simply reach out via the contact number listed on our website, and we'll keep you updated on upcoming plantation events in your locality.
Donate a Tree
Contribute to tree planting by gifting or buying a tree on our app. Our gardener will nurture your tree for 1000 days. Track its growth with geotagging and receive photos every 100 days.
Support the Green India Cause
You have the option to make direct donations towards our cause, which will support tree plantation and related activities. If you're unable to volunteer in person, this is an excellent alternative to contribute.
Benefits of Volunteering with us
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