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About Guinness event

Sri Veena Vani School of music is the one and only music school which has got 11 world records such as, “Guinness book of world record”, “Limca book of world record”, “Asia book of records” and Miracle book of records to name a few. Carnatic classical music which has grown to the heights of Himalayas has been adapted by various kinds of western musical instruments and efforts are still being made in adapting it. To continue this wonderful heritage and make a mark to its existing credibility, Sri Veena Vani Music School had organized an event on Sunday, 28 th June 2015, to play carnatic music using keyboard which is a full-fledged western musical instrument and created a World Record to document a milestone for (carnatic music) the heritage of Karnataka and India on a whole. This biggest musical event entered Guinness’s book of world records for the largest ensemble of electronic keyboard category. Gireesh Kumar, President of Sri Veena Vani Music School had been at this project for about one-and-a- half-years, and roped in more than 400 participants from Bangalore and outstation artistes through the school’s Face book page. More than 100 participants were students of Sri Veena Vani Music School, and included those who take classes in other instruments too. In the year of 2009, 126 keyboardists played together in a single platform which was considered as a first world record in Guinness’s under the category of largest electronic keyboard ensemble and in the year of 2011 the above record was beaten in California, USA where 175 keyboardists performed in a single platform. Again both the above records were beaten in Chennai in the year 2014 with 229 keyboardists. Sri Veena Vani Music School has beaten the existing record with more than 400 people on 28 th June 2015 at Jain University Campus, Bangalore. For outstation participants, as well as those who chose not to enroll for classes at the school, Gireesh Kumar and his team had been sending out videos of the songs through Facebook and Whatsapp for free of charge. Participants kept updating the team regularly via emails and messages on their progress of learning for the event. The four-and- a half minute performance consisted of three simple pieces, Lambodara, a Karnataka music piece on Ganesha, bramhamuraari, Vande Mataram and our National Anthem. As for instruments, the smallest of keyboards, which costs around Rs2000, were used. Also there was no age bar either; the age of participants ranged from 5 to 70. Sri Veena Vani Music School had received the clearance from the United Kingdom’s Guinness’s Book of World Records visiting officials to conduct the event. Now, post event, all the participants have become holders of the Guinness’s World Record certificate.

Dr. B Gireesh Kumar

Sri Gireesh Kumar, who is the student of Sri Sampath Kumar Sharma, has been nurturing this prominent institution for the past 8 years. He is proficient in 8 instruments and 4 types of vocals. He started his education in music at the age of 6 years & emerged as the sensational winning director of a State-level Drama Competition at the age of 19. He has successfully directed 23 dramas in Kannada and 1 in Hindi. He has also composed splendid music for over 450 stage plays and more than 100 regional language feature films and short films.

Sri Gireesh Kumar has worked as an Assistant Music Director and Sound Engineer under most of the Music Directors of the Kannada Film Industry.

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